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“Survey” confirms Parana research in Portugal

“Survey” confirms Parana research in Portugal

According to this new poll, also conducted by the Brazilian Ibispe, the Democratic Alliance (AD), which brings together the PSD, CDS and PPM parties led by Luis Montenegro, currently has 23% of voting intentions, in the scenario in which the vote takes place. The voter is automatically asked to state which party he intends to vote for.

The Socialist Party, the main competitor whose government fell in the wake of a new corruption scandal, received 22% of the votes. The Socialist Party is led by Pedro Nuno Santos. The right-wing Chiga Party, which was founded a few years ago and led by Andre Ventura, comes in third place with 16%.

The poll (which in Portugal they call a “poll”), published by Parana Pescisas, the institute that achieved the most success in the Brazilian elections of 2022, on the 22nd of this month, showed 21.4% for the Christian Democratic Party, and 21.1% for the Socialist Party. And 16.9% for Shiga.

Opinion polls attribute a very similar performance to the Liberal Initiative Party, led by Rui Rocha: Parana Pesquisas received 6.8%, while Ibispe, released on Sunday, received 6% of voting intentions. While Paraná Pesquisas received 5.5% for the Bloco de Esquerda party, the other poll recorded 5%.

See the new poll numbers:

Here is the groundbreaking survey conducted by Paraná Pesquisas:

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