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Smurfs and enchanted forests help small villages in Spain survive

Smurfs and enchanted forests help small villages in Spain survive

Transforming into a life-sized Smurf Village has changed the lives of the residents of this sleepy town with a population of just 240 people. Previously, the place only had one bar, but following its success it now has six restaurants.

We have to accept that if it were not for the fame we gained thanks to drawing, no one would come to visit us. Previously, Juzcar had accommodation for a maximum of 25 people, now we have space to accommodate 100 tourists.
Alicia Guerrero, shop owner from Juzcar

In addition to the T-shirts with Smurfs prints hanging waiting for the customer, Alicia also offers, on weekends, for three euros (about 16 Brazilian reais), blue children's nail polish and the possibility of customizing the dolls' famous white hat. cartoons. “We need to reinvent ourselves to continue to grow,” he says.

Juzcar city Photo: Lucila Ronacles

For more than a decade, Juzcar has been known as “The World's First Smurf City”, but due to a recent dispute with the film's producer, this year they had to remove the large puppets at the entrance to the city and change its attractions. The name of the blue village.

Along the streets, some facades and walls painted with dolls can still be seen, but according to the city's tourism director, these will also have to be removed.

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