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sued Abel Ferreira in Natal;  Case involving accusation of fraud – 03/24/2023

sued Abel Ferreira in Natal; Case involving accusation of fraud – 03/24/2023

Palmeiras coach Abel Ferreira is facing a lawsuit in the First Civil Court of the District of Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte. A man accuses the coach and others of pulling him out of a developer partnership.

The Portuguese technical consultant admits the existence of a civil action, but denies that he is being accused of a crime: “It is completely wrong for me to be charged or to be prosecuted in any criminal process. The opposite is completely wrong and offensive to my image and good reputation as a person, and to blame whoever made or published it.”

The lawsuit involves a dispute over the authority of the developer

The plaintiff, Portuguese Pedro Gabriel Brandao Barros de Souza, claims that he was removed from the position of director of EdiBrasil Construções and that his involvement in the company was curtailed under a “chain of suspicions”.

In the procedure, Pedro says that the amendment to the contract was signed without his signature, printed in a handwriting different from the amendment and with a signature recognition stamp with a date later to the protocol, as well as the signatures of the other partners “out of context”.

In the process, he notes, he “faces a forgery of documents to harm him and remove him from the company,” leaving his partner Benjamin Jorge Ferreira Campos, also Portuguese, with the powers to run the company.

He charges a fee for the dissolution of the company, employees who are in arrears (referring to the manager’s role) and R$590,000 for loans. He is still seeking compensation of 500,000 Brazilian reals as moral compensation.

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