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Cruzeiro: Roger is in favor of the visual change of Raposao

Cruzeiro: Roger is in favor of the visual change of Raposao

Roger ‘stolen’ Raposao’s head after scoring on his debut for Cruzeiro, in the classics against Atlético (Picture: Reproduction/Cruzero)

The change in the images of Raposão and Raposinho’s mascots excited some Cruzeiro fans. Former club player Roger Flores also reacted negatively to the new versions of the characters.

“It’s not me,” the former midfielder tweeted in a Cruzeiro post, referring to the episode in which he celebrated a goal with a header from Rabozao, in a classic match against Atlético, in the 2010 Mineiro tournament.

On this occasion, Roger scored Cruzeiro’s first goal on his debut. In celebration, he “stole” the top of Raposão’s costume and placed it on his head. Celeste beat Atlético in that classic 3-1 at Mineirao.

Roger, currently a commentator at Grupo Globo, recalled the unusual celebration in 2013. “I grabbed his head and tried to take it off. Eventually, I managed to take it off and put it on. It marked my Cruzeiro ride for about three years. I would go out on the street and people would call I’m Roger Rapuzau,” he stated.

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New versions of amulets

“Inspired by a cartoonist Mangabeira’s drawing in 1945, Raposão has had many physical copies, but today it receives its first major visual makeover, along with Raposinho,” Cruzeiro reports.

Rapuzao’s debut as a Cruzeiro mascot was on March 23, 2003, in a 4-0 win over Tupi, in the Campeonato Mineiro, with three goals from Alex.

The new versions of Raposão and Raposinho should be presented to the fans in the match against Grêmio, in the second round of the Brazilian championship. The match was previously scheduled for April 22, in Independencia, in Belo Horizonte.