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Suarez's penalty kicks and Lodi beat Mateus' goal being the first for Atletico Madrid, who only tied with Levante.

Suarez’s penalty kicks and Lodi beat Mateus’ goal being the first for Atletico Madrid, who only tied with Levante.

Playing Atlético Madrid away from home, he twice led on the scoreboard, but only tied with LaLiga runners-up Levante.

NS Atletico Madrid It was no match for Vice Lantern LaLiga Levante And she was tied only in a valid commitment for round 11, this Thursday (28). At the Ciudad de Valencia stadium, it was athletes He got twice on the scoreboard, but it was 2-2 after seeing it Luis Suarez and Renan Lodi commit penalties.

The match was broadcast live ESPN No Star+.

Even while playing away from home, Atlético Madrid printed a better rhythm of the match in the first minutes and it didn’t take long to open the scoring. 12 minutes later, after Griezmann’s corner kick, the French striker secured play, and after Brazilian defender Felipe bounced in the area, the No. 8 shirt hit the net to make the score 1-0.

After the first 10 gamesBarcelona Finally he hit the net in the current edition of the Spanish championship and reached the fourth goal in favor of athletes In season, also taking into account Champions League.

In the 25th minute, Felipe arrived late in the split, faced a severe foul on the Levante player and was given a yellow card. Thus, the Brazilian will have to be suspended in the next Atlético match.

After the goal, Real Madrid gave the impression that they relaxed in the match and that’s when Levante woke up. The owners of the house began to arrive with more danger near the goal that Oblak defends even Luis Suarez “gifted” the team with a penalty.

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Uruguay striker Ruben Vizo missed inside the area, and the referee pointed to the penalty in favor of Levante.

In the attack, the 10 Bardi shirt took charge, moving Oblak to the right side and turning perfectly on the left, scoring 1 to 1 in Ciudad de Valencia.

The first stage ended with hosts getting more requests (6 vs 3) and corners (3 vs 2). Atleti had better possession of the ball (70% vs. 30%).

On the way back from the break, the hosts started better in the second half. And in the first few minutes, Diego Simeone received a yellow card, he is worried in the technical area.

At that time, the Argentine coach decided to take a side stance in the match and changed his strategy. So much so that before the 30th minute, Simeone made four changes to the match, including promoting entries from Brazilians Renan Lodi and Matthews Cunha.

The striker showed his opportunism and substituted Atletico ahead on the scoreboard in his first step on the pitch. In the 31st minute, the 19th jersey inflated the net and made it 2-1.

In addition to, Cunha scored his first goal in seven games for the Spanish club this season.

Shortly thereafter, Simeone got his second yellow card and was kicked out of the match.

Then came the collapse. In the 45th minute, the referee reviewed the movement that made him score other punishment for the benefit of the Levant, In the hand touch of Renan Lodi inside the area.

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On the recovery, Bardi took over again, making 2 to 2.

The referee gave eight minutes of extra time, but the score remained the same, with the two teams tied.

Even after the final whistle, Pierre took the second yellow card and was sent off by the referee.

With the equalizer, Atlético added the second stumble followed in La Liga, again with the same score.

On the other hand, Levante remained without a win in the competition and now has a run with six draws and five defeats in these first eleven rounds.

best moments

Tournament mode

With the tie, Atlético went to 19 points and slipped to sixth in the lead. The distance to the competition leader, real communityWhich in the last round was three points and rose to five points.

The result was also not good for Levante, who is in second place, with 6 points, two points behind GranadaThe first club outside the relegation zone.

Hey Kara: cool

Levante’s No. 10 shirt was the big name of the game. In the first and second half, the Macedonian scored goals from a penalty shootout that led his team to a draw at Ciudad de Valencia.

It was bad: Luis Suarez

Colchonero’s performance in the 9-shirt was very lackluster, with no chance of a goal, and he even committed a ridiculous penalty that sent Levante to a draw. The Uruguayan was substituted at the start of the second half, making way for Angel Correa.

Upcoming games

Atlético Madrid returns to the LaLiga stadium on Sunday (31st), at 12:15, at home against it Real Betis, for Round 12. Levante, on the other hand, host Granada on Monday (1), at 17, once again at the Ciudad de Valencia. Both matches will be broadcast live on ESPN on Star +.

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data sheet

Raise 2 × 2 Atletico Madrid

Objectives: to raise: white (37′ and 90’P); Atletico Madrid: Griezmann (12 minutes) and Matthew Cunha (76 minutes)

Levent: Aitor Fernandez (Miramon), Pierre, Oscar Duarte, Ruben Fizzo and Francaisa; Pepelu (from Frutus), Malsa (Pablo Martinez), and Bardi; Danny Gomez (Cantreau) and Jose Luis Morales. idiomatic: Javier Pereira.

Atletico Madrid: Oblak. Jimenez, Felipe, and Mario Hermoso (Renan Lodi); Trippier, Koke, Herrera (De Paul), and Carrasco; Griezmann (Mateus Cunha), Joao Felix and Luis Suarez (Angel Correa). idiomatic: Diego Simeone.