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Cruzeiro scores at the end of Juazeirense, loses on penalties and says goodbye to competition

Cruzeiro scores at the end of Juazeirense, loses on penalties and says goodbye to competition

a Sea trip . is eliminated Brazil Cup. On Wednesday (9), Raposa headed to Juazeiro, Bahia, and faced Juazeiro. After losing 1-0 in normal time, the miners were defeated on penalties 3-2.

Regarding the first leg, coach Felipe Conceicao chose the departure of Rafael Sobis and put Mateus Barbosa in the middle. Mateus Neres, who did not move against CRB, in order to B . series, also returned to the starting lineup. Goalkeeper Fabio is also back in the 11 that started.

Cruzeiro kept the tie until 40 of the second half. This is when Thauan appeared. The player, who entered the final stage, completed a Kesley cross and took it to a penalty shootout.

In the penalty shootout, Romulo, Felipe Augusto Matthews Barbosa, lost the penalty shootout, and Joserense won 3-2 and advanced to eighth place.

Tournament mode

As a result, Juazeirense has qualified for the last 16 of the Copa del Rey for the first time in history and awaits an opponent to be decided by a draw. The Bahians still bring in 2.7 million Brazilian reals.

Man: Rodrigo Calata

The experienced goalkeeper was Juazeirense’s penalty shootout champion. Calata received two penalties out of the three that Cruzeiro lost and was largely responsible for placing Bahia’s team for the first time in the round of 16 of the competition.

Bad: Turf and Scouting in Cruzeiro

In terrible conditions, the grass at the Adauto Moraes stadium made it difficult to practice good football. Making it impossible to exchange passes, it was up to both teams to look for long shots and cross passes.

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In penalties, three of Cruzeiro’s five counts were missed. Romulo, Felipe Augusto, and Matthew Barbosa did not change their religion.

Upcoming games

Cruzeiro returns to the field next Saturday (12) for the second division. Goiás. On the other hand, Juazeirense returns to the field of Serie D against ASA.

data sheet

Juazeirense 1 (3) x (2) 0 cruise

Objectives: Thawan

The island: Rodrigo Calata, Guilherme Lucina, Mineiro (Cano), Eduardo (Wendell), Daniel Nazari (Ian Augusto); Sappé (Walder), Patrick, Wagwenho, Klebson (Ian Augusto), and Tony Gallego (Thawson); Kesley. idiomatic: Carlos Rabelo.

Sea trip: Fabius. Caceres Weaverton, Ramon and Matthew Pereira; Matthews Neres (Paulo), Romulo and Matthews Barbosa; Bruno José (Stênio), Airton (Felipe Augusto), and Guilherme Bissoli. idiomatic: Philip Conceicao.