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Corinthians increased Gabriel Pereira's salary last year without extending his bail

Corinthians increased Gabriel Pereira’s salary last year without extending his bail

All this controversy over the renewal of Gabriel Pereira could have been avoided if Corinthians extended their relationship in May 2020 when the youngster signed a new contract with the club.

17 months ago, Gabriel Pereira and his managers were at Parque São Jorge, and they signed a new document with Corinthians, but the relationship period remains unchangedand remains on the same expiry date (March 31, 2022). At that time, the club only changed his salary and severance pay.

And why did this happen? In search of an answer, the report from My Timon He spoke with Carlos Nujoud, the base manager at the time of this contract signing, who is still under the administration of President Andres Sanchez. The previous director gave the following explanation:

“When we were told that Gabriel Pereira would start training with the pros, we (at the base) contacted his manager to renew the relationship. The salary request was inconsistent with what the norm could offer, so we slightly increased his salary to increase the termination fine“I think we increased it by about five million dollars,” Nujoud said.

“We were not able to increase the duration of the contract because the owner of the project stipulated that an increase in the salary that al-Qaeda cannot provide. This was left to the professional management staff to resolve later.’,” the former base manager said at the time of the signing.

It should be noted that at the time of signing the contract, the representatives of the Corinthians professional football department were Doilio Montero Alves (director), Eduardo Ferreira (deputy director), Jorge Calel (deputy director) and Filson Menezes (director).

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Current Corinthians Board of Directors – Doilio, Chairman; Roberto de Andrade, Director; Alessandro Nunes, Director – He remains silent. The directors, off-screen, communicated with journalists who have been trying to renew the pledge of Gabriel Pereira since February, but without reciprocity from their representative.

Corinthians and Evan Rocha, Gabriel Pereira’s manager, disagree on salary and glove values. The player of interest to Benfica and other clubs may stay out of the duel with Chapecoense on Monday at the New Coimica Arena.

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