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VALORANT Champions: Keyd may reverse punishment by Riot

On Friday night (4), a decision by Riot reverberated throughout the community valuation. after, after Confirm and show that the player JhoW, from vivo kid, use “error” Not allowed from the map on VALORING HEROES, The company reversed the score of six rounds, giving Acend the victory in the map and series.

It is clear that the Brazilian community did not like the decision at all and even raised the hashtag “JusticeForKeyd” (Justice by Keyd), even showing the same mistake made by other players, who have not yet been penalized. JhoW cited Riot’s decision as “an indisputable thing”..

On Saturday morning, the developer posted another statement saying it would review the penalty imposed on Keyd, including delaying matches for it.

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After further deliberation, Group A matches will be postponed to allow additional time to review the penalty against Vivo Keyd. Today’s matches will feature Team Vikings vs Gambit and Team Liquid vs Sentinels. The broadcast will start one hour later than originally scheduled.

With this, the heroes of VALORANT are scheduled to start at noon with the aforementioned series. If Vivo Keyd’s penalty is reversed, the team He will play against Team Envy In the upper arc it is still this Sabbath; If the penalty is upheld, the team You will play the Knockout Series against the X10 Crit Monday (6).

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Team Vivo Keyd competing in the Valorant World Cup (Photo: Lance Skundrich / Riot Games)