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Step by step until the excluded MEI institutions return to Simples Nacional

Step by step until the excluded MEI institutions return to Simples Nacional

Recently, a joint initiative between the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and SEBRAE has created an essential guide for individual small entrepreneurs (Small information institutions) who were excluded from Simples Nacional and SIMEI.

This guide is titled “How to get back to being MEI after being excluded from Simples Nacional”is a valuable resource for business men Who have lost their MEI status and are seeking to reverse that status.

Steps to reverse MEI deletion

The guide provides a detailed roadmap for MEIs to return to this category. Here is a summary of the main steps:

1. Determine the reason for exclusion: The first step involves understanding why the MEI was deleted. This can be done by accessing the entrepreneurs portal and checking your CNPJ status.

2. Settlement of outstanding issues: Once the cause is determined, the MEI should focus on resolving any tax or registration issues.

3. Update registration data: It is essential for the entrepreneur to update registration information, such as address and phone number, to ensure everything is correct.

4. Request to reformulate: With all outstanding issues resolved and data updated, the next step is to officially request a return to Simples Nacional and SIMEI.

The importance of MEI in the Brazilian business scenario

The MEI is a mainstay of the Brazilian economy, especially for small businesses. This simplified tax system provides significant benefits such as:

  • Reaching retirement;
  • Credit facilities;
  • Possibility of issuing invoices.
  • The option to grow into a small business.

With these advantages, MEI plays a crucial role in supporting entrepreneurship and generating employment and income in the country.

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Resolving outstanding issues and settling the situation allows the businessman to once again enjoy the benefits of this system. In times of economic crisis, this recovery becomes even more important, as it helps maintain a sustainable business.

Therefore, the guide “How to return to MEI after exclusion from Simples Nacional” is an essential tool for those seeking to re-establish themselves.