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Nubank intends to provide payroll loan through the app

a nubank Want to expand the range of its services. Finch, which is already a reference in providing non-bureaucratic products, intends to launch an all-digital payroll loan.

The new line targets retirees and retirees from INSS (National Institute for Social Security) and public employees. The company says the expectation is to release the loan by the end of this year.

Want to learn more about the credit limit? Continue reading this article.

Payroll loan from Nobank

to me nubankAll new service operating agreements have already been closed. In this way, only the bureaucratic and final procedures left to release the fintech payroll.

According to the company’s new relationship manager, the bank is “working on many new products, from investments to insurance and BNPL solutions.” In other words, more news to come!

However, it is important to note that, according to Nubank, more news about the new payroll should be released before the end of the year.

Nobank Personal Loan

Among the various services offered through its application, Nubank a personal loan to your customers. The most interesting thing is that the contractor has up to 3 months to start paying off the debt.

In addition, Nubank allows repayment of the debt in installments of up to 24. However, the service is easily accessible, which is only offered to people who already have a digital bank account.

So, to check if there is a pre-approved limit for you, just access the app and check the contract terms. See step by step:

  1. Open the Nubank app (available for Android and iOS);
  2. Click on the “Loan” tab;
  3. Select the option “Loan Simulation”;
  4. inform the reason for contracting the loan;
  5. set the mode;
  6. Enter the desired value;
  7. choose the number of installments;
  8. Select the best payment date (with a grace period of up to 3 months);
  9. Check the available conditions;
  10. If you agree to the terms provided, complete the process.
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Regarding the repayment of the Nubank personal loan, it is done monthly through the digital bank account. That is, the customer must deposit the installment amount in his account so that it will be deducted on the due date. If payment is not made on time, a fixed penalty of 2% is imposed plus interest.

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