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Step by step to protect your WhatsApp: Users should be aware

Step by step to protect your WhatsApp: Users should be aware

WhatsApp is one of the biggest apps out there in the world today. Its features allow users to exchange messages, send audio, photos or videos, and make video calls, among many other features for free. Thus, it already gathers millions of users in the national territory alone, with the number not expected to decrease.

Thus, WhatsApp users must be aware of security issues with the app. First of all, it is important to clarify that the application already has an extensive security network, including end-to-end encryption, a technology that makes the messages exchanged more secure. However, since security isn’t much at all, it’s worth knowing about ways to increase privacy in the app.

Learn more about what you can do to protect WhatsApp/Credit: jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec.pro.br

Step by step to protect your WhatsApp

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp is one of the most used apps by Brazilians. In this way, it can be common to find people leaving many relevant information saved in conversations in the app, such as passwords from other social networks, credit card passwords, addresses, documents, and more.

For this reason, it may be necessary to further protect this information in order for it to remain particularly intact. In general, when using WhatsApp, many users have chosen to activate features that can contribute to more privacy, not only regarding information, but also regarding the use of the application itself.

This is because it can be common, in many people’s lives, to be online on WhatsApp already attracting a lot of attention, with families, friends, acquaintances and collaborators sending messages that the person with the account would like to avoid receiving, or to feel pressured to respond.

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What are the alternatives?

Take the internet

By disabling the feature that shows you are online, other users, when they open a chat with you, will not see that you are using the app. To be able to do this, you just need to go to the settings and disable the online function.

Disable last seen

Also, users can disable last seen. The process is similar: just enter the settings and choose to disable this function.

Remove the read receipt

Another possibility that can increase someone’s privacy when using the app is disabling last seen. So, in this way, you will be able to see all the messages sent to you without the senders knowing that you have read them. Because of this, you can reply whenever you want, as there will be no way for you to prove that you have seen the messages before.

Enter the app and tap on the three dots icon, and tap on the Settings option. Once done, go to Accounts & Privacy and disable the read function.

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