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SpaceX announces satellite phone service for 2024

SpaceX announces satellite phone service for 2024

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has released its new service that will provide connectivity to LTE-enabled mobile phones (Long term development; Mobile network technology) via satellite. In addition to mobile Internet, Starlink Direct to Cell will allow voice calls and data exchange between mobile phones around the world.

According to the announcement, the feature will be rolled out gradually. In 2024, the service will have text messaging, and the following year, voice, data and Internet of Things functions will be implemented.

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(Image: Clone/Starlink)

Hey directly to the cell Works with LTE phones located wherever you can see the sky. No changes to hardware, firmware or special applications are required, providing seamless access to text, voice and data.


As you remember PCMagLast year, SpaceX announced a partnership with T-Mobile to launch this service in the United States. Mobile connectivity via satellite was expected to arrive in 2023.

In addition to T-Mobile, SpaceX will rely on other phone providers to provide service Starlink direct to cell For other countries:

  • Rogers – Canada
  • DD – Japan
  • Optodes – Australia
  • New Zealand – New Zealand
  • Salt – Switzerland

According to Starlink, the SpaceX company responsible for satellite internet services, the service will work on all existing LTE mobile phones and will not require any changes, firmware updates, or special applications for the connection to work.

There are still no specifications for the broadband speed it offers Starlink direct to cell.

Starlink, an internet company owned by SpaceX and, by extension, Elon Musk, continues to grow and reach new markets. This time, the technology will end up at sea.

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The largest container shipping company based in Germany, Hapag-Lloyd, on Thursday (21), announced the installation of Starlink on its ships after a successful pilot program conducted on four ships.

It is worth noting that only ships are owned and operated by Hapag-Lloyd, according to… Bloomberg-You will receive the news. Moreover, 122 of the 259 companies managed by the company are owned by it.

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