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Find out more about the new calendar function and group video calls

Find out more about the new calendar function and group video calls

Hey WhatsApp It constantly innovates and offers new features to its users. It was recently announced that the app is developing a new functionality that will allow scheduling events and group calls.

This functionality will be similar to what already exists on Facebook, providing users with an easy and convenient way to schedule appointments and organize meetings within chat groups.

Schedule events via WhatsApp

According to information released by WABetaInfo, the new event scheduling function is found in beta version of WhatsApp for Android. When accessing the app’s attachments menu, users can view a new item that allows them to schedule an event. This option will open a page where you can enter the event’s name, description, date, time, and location. In addition, there is also the possibility of scheduling a video call for the event.

It is important to note that this functionality is currently only available for WhatsApp groups. It is not yet possible to schedule events in individual conversations. The idea behind this new functionality is to make it easier for app users to schedule meetings and appointments, providing easier access to important reminders, always with end-to-end encryption security.

Possibility of professional alternative

With the addition of this function, WhatsApp It can become a more complete option for professional networking. By combining event scheduling and video calling, the app can stand out as a viable alternative to other business communications tools like Discord, Slack, and Teams.

This integration can make it easier to organize team meetings, conferences, and corporate events by offering a complete experience in one app.

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Channels on WhatsApp

It is worth noting that recently, WhatsApp Also added option to create channels. This new feature allows anyone to create a chat channel within the app, thus reaching a larger audience.

Channels are an effective way to share information with a specific group of people without having to reveal personal information like your phone number.

Release forecast

There are still no official expectations for the launch of this new functionality in the stable version of WhatsApp. However, given that it is already available in beta version, it is possible that users will soon be able to enjoy this new option. Stay tuned for app updates so you don’t miss anything new.

Furthermore it, WhatsApp It is constantly looking for ways to improve its users’ experience. With the addition of event scheduling and group communication functionality, the application will become even more versatile and useful in a professional environment.

Now, it will be possible to schedule meetings, schedule video calls, and organize events within chat groups, all in a simple and practical way. Stay tuned to WhatsApp updates to make the most of these new features.

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Hey WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, expands its functionality beyond sending messages and media. Now, it is possible money transfer To friends directly through the application, quickly and safely.

In this article we will explain step by step how to carry out this process and we will also give some important tips to ensure the security of your transactions.

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Money transfer feature via WhatsApp It offers many advantages to users. First, it’s a practical and convenient way to make payments, without having to leave the messaging app.

Additionally, transfers are instant, meaning money is sent and received in real time. Best of all: There are no fees charged for making transfers, which makes this option even more attractive. (full article).