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Smart or not?  Find out with this challenge that will test your skills!

Smart or not? Find out with this challenge that will test your skills!

Logical challenges It has always been a great way to test and improve mental abilities. Recently, a website launched an interesting challenge that promises to evaluate who has an above-average IQ.

The task we propose is seemingly simple: find a dead battery among more than 500 others in just 38 seconds. are you ready?

How fast are you? Look for a dead battery

Although puzzles and games of this type are not a substitute for standard IQ tests, they do provide a fun and challenging way to exercise your mind. brain.

The popularity of visual challenges, such as the Where's Waldo? Famous for a generation, it shows the human fascination with puzzles and riddles that require attention and quick thinking.

The challenge in question, created by British organization The Electric Car Scheme, presents a picture of more than 500 electric batteries, each with different charge levels.

Colors that indicate charging status Batteries (Dark Green, Light Green and Light Red), add an extra layer of complexity to the game.

If you accept the challenge, test your logic skills and see if you can beat the record or maybe discover new ways to exercise your brain in a fun way.

are you ready? Find the dead battery! Let the timer start!

Find the full battery! – Image: Schematic/reproduction of the electric car

For those still trying, a valuable tip: The dead battery is strategically located in the right corner of the image.

Standardized intelligence tests are designed to assess Intellectual ability For someone, but challenges like these provide a more relaxed and visual approach to testing mental agility.

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The current record for finding a dead battery in this challenge is six seconds, showing that some participants have an exceptional ability to quickly decipher patterns.

The important thing to remember is that, whatever the outcome, the journey toward intelligent and creative thinking is always a victory.

If you can find it, congratulations! If not, the answer is below.

Different drums were there the whole time!

Responding to the challenge – Image: Blueprint/reproduction of the electric vehicle