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Skateboarder Leticia Bufoni Has 20 Million R$ of Assets - Behavior

Skateboarder Leticia Bufoni Has 20 Million R$ of Assets – Behavior

Leticia Buffoni (Photo: clone/Instagram)

skater Leticia Buffoni It is one of the global references in sports and although it is recognized only in the world Olympadas Recently, skateboarding has become able to bring high profits to practitioners in other competitions.

According to the newspaper additional, legacy Leticia About 20 million Brazilian reals. The skater has lived in Los Angeles since she was 14, and recently won an award Red Bull Paris ConquestWith a gold medal. The athlete owns a mansion in the United States and another in Brazil, both of which are equipped with backyard skating rinks, where she usually trains.

It was difficult to find her property in the American country, because she needed a large area to build what she called Buffonni amusement parkIn addition to all the ramps, handrails, and stairs, she would like to have a pool and gym. And upon finding the perfect lodging, Leticia He built a track designed for the sport in 2017, saving his training during the pandemic in 2020.

In her Brazilian home, the track is in the backyard of a mansion in Jardim Pernambuco, located in Guaruj, where she adjoins Neymar. On this site, the slopes are smaller, but it is part of the recreation area that includes a swimming pool and barbecue. As it is backed by the major brands, the athlete is supposed to earn high sponsorship values, which has allowed her to get Audi R8In the amount of 700 thousand Brazilian riyals Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883, which is about 50 thousand Brazilian reals, among other cars.

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Tournaments in which Bufoni participates usually reward the winner with values ​​ranging from 160,000 Rls to 250,000 Rls. distance, Leticia He won first place five times, becoming the greatest street champion in tournament history.