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The Rolling Stones will re-release "Tattoo You" with bonuses.  Listen to the unreleased music titled "Live in the Heart of Love"

The Rolling Stones will re-release “Tattoo You” with bonuses. Listen to the unreleased music titled “Live in the Heart of Love”

Another record from rolling stones He will get a special edition full of extras. After “Sticky Fingers” https://entretenimento.r7.com/musica/vagalume/ and “Exile On Main St.” https://entretenimento.r7.com/musica/vagalume/ ‘Goats Head Soup’ and ‘Some Girls’, it’s ‘now’ timetattoo for you”, which was released 40 years ago, is also receiving the same treatment.

As with previous releases, the album will return to stores with different configurations. The most complete and expensive of them will be, in addition to the original reworked work, a second disc with nine unreleased tracks – songs that began decades ago and have only acquired the final touches – plus a full concert, reconstructed from the two concerts of the then quintet at London’s Wembley Stadium In July 1982 – the official live album of this tour “Still Life” was compiled from recorded American shows.

tattoo for you“It was one of the biggest record-breakers for the British. In the US it hit the quadruple platinum record, a mark they’d never reach again. He came out of it”start me‘, which in addition to becoming a rock standard is the band’s newest single with a mandatory concert presence. Suffice it to say that they have, since then, played it in almost all of their shows. In the US and seventh in the UK – signs they’ve never outgrown.

The record was really a sort of compilation of songs they left behind in previous years and finished during the early months of 1981 so they had a new record to promote during the new tour. He came out with two very distinct halves. Side A is sharper and side B is slower.

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“Start Me Up,” for example, was born in 1975, while “waiting for a friend‘, has been in the works since 1972, so much so that former guitarist Mick Taylor was present on the final recording, although this is not mentioned anywhere on the album.

It remains to be seen if the band will take credit for all the musicians involved in the recordings and shed more light on the studio sessions.

To highlight the ad, the unreleased “Live in the Heart of Love,” a rock song that references “Jumpin’ Jack Flash“,. Listen:

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