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Singapore tests 'Xavier' bot that detects misbehavior of residents |  Globalism

Singapore tests ‘Xavier’ bot that detects misbehavior of residents | Globalism

Singapore Two robots, nicknamed “Xavier”, have been tested to patrol public spaces and deter residents’ bad behavior. In this first step, the following will be detected:

  • failure to respect Covid-19 prevention protocols;
  • Cigarette use in prohibited environments
  • Bicycles are parked in inappropriate places.

Robots equipped with cameras and Turn on real-time alerts to the command and control center.

Xavier will initially be navigating a high-traffic area in the center of the country.

Robot positioned in the middle with intense pedestrian traffic – Photo: Edgar Sue/Reuters

The Singapore government agency said that in the first three weeks, robots that detect bad behavior It will display educational messages. For now, there will be no penalty or use of the images in legal proceedings.

“Xavier” displays educational messages for pedestrians – Photo: Roslan Rahman / AFP

In the long run, the use of robots should expand:

“Xavier’s implementation will support the work of civil servants, as it will reduce the employment of foot patrols and increase the efficiency of the operation,” the agency said.

Singapore’s Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam in August that his country intends to obtain more than 200,000 police cameras by 2030 – more than double the current number.

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