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Twitter employees fired from Seattle office on New Year’s Eve

Twitter employees fired from Seattle office on New Year’s Eve

In an effort to reduce costs in the company, the Twitter He will wrap up another section of face-to-face activities in the US – this time in Seattle. According to the American magazine The New York Timesin an article published this Thursday, 29, Elon Musk “He stopped paying the rent on his Seattle office, which led to him facing eviction.”

Zoe Schaeffer, Site Managing Editor Curriculum, which reported on significant changes at the company in recent months, also said the warning was sent to employees via email. And according to sources heard by the journalist, the company is only about to go with offices in San Francisco and New York.

Other information, such as whether divisions within the company have been affected by the layoffs or whether employees will be relocated, was not disclosed.

a The New York Times It was also mentioned that on Christmas Eve, Musk officials were instructed to shut down some servers in the city of Sacramento, California. Computers were responsible for running and processing social network data. This action may be one of dozens of cost-cutting decisions the company has made.

At the beginning of the new leadership of muskIn November, the CEO laid off nearly 200 employees at the Seattle headquarters during the course of Mass layoffs What did you do in the company. Shortly thereafter, Musk canceled activities in home office and asked employees to return to work 100% face-to-face. In the same month, officials also stated that Twitter was close to bankruptcy.

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With all this instability, on the last day 20, Elon Musk He said he was stepping down as CEO of Twitter and looking for a new CEO for the companyafter a poll he conducted on the social network showed that users thought he should resign from his position.