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See image source posted by Gabigol-Coluna do Fla

See image source posted by Gabigol-Coluna do Fla

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Gabigol posted a photo showing the current No. 10 holding the Libertados Cup with Zico next to him holding another trophy.

Flamengo celebrated its 128th anniversary last Wednesday (15). Among the honors obtained by the club, controversy was raised between the red and the black. This is the photo posted by Gabigol. This is because, in art, the current number 10 appears with two Libertadores trophies alongside Zico, who holds the continental championship trophy.

Despite the controversy, the photo is not recent. This is because the photo was taken in November 2022, immediately after Flamengo won its third Libertadores championship. On that occasion, a fan requested the art from a sports designer with the intention of tattooing him. However, the representation went viral on social media, and about a year later, Gabigol used it in honor of the 128th anniversary of Rubro Negro.

look at the picture:

Some fans who did not like the post claimed that the art should contain the Club World Cup trophy with Zico, as it was Flamengo’s most important achievement. Furthermore, the red-and-black elder idol is shown with a closed expression, while Gabigol is smiling. Therefore, according to critics, the image does not correspond to the current status of number 10 at the club.

Inside the fields

In 2023, Gabigol has not experienced the best moment of his career. This is because the striker is suffering from his biggest goalscoring drought since he took on the holy mantle. There are already 12 matches without going to the net. Moreover, in the current season, the number 10 entered the field 57 times and scored 20 goals, meaning that he is the club’s second top scorer, while Pedro ranks first with 33 goals.

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Focus on the rest of the season

Despite all the controversy surrounding the photo, Gabigol continues to prepare with the red and black team for the upcoming commitments of the season. This is because Tite uses the FIFA data range with full focus on the last five matches in the Brazilian championship.

It is important to note that Tite’s main goal is to secure a direct place for Flamengo in the 2024 Copa Libertadores. To achieve this, Mace Querido needs to finish in the top four in the Brazilian league. Rubro Negro currently ranks sixth in the standings with 57 points.

Next appointment

Thus, Flamengo will return to action on November 23 in the first of the last five matches of the season. However, the team will not be able to rely on Gabigol, who will be suspended after being sent off Fluminense. Therefore, Florida will face Red Bull Bragantino, starting at 9:30 pm (Brasilia time), in a postponed match from the 30th round of the Brazilian Championship.

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