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See how selling a worker affects you, the consumer!

See how selling a worker affects you, the consumer!

Recently, the company health insurance Emil has been sold. The transaction took place at the end of 2023. The buyer of the company was businessman José Serebiri Filho, popularly known as Junior. Therefore, this has raised some uncertainty among users of the company's services, which currently number 5.4 million people throughout Brazil.

In fact, even Procon-SP was consulted. According to the information received from these and other competent bodies, no changes can be made to the services provided so far, as required by law. However, despite the existence of legal protection, experts in the sector expect new developments in the coming years.

“It is undeniable that the company needs adjustments. It will likely have to make management changes, including new negotiations with providers and contract doctors,” says analyst Harold Takahashi, a partner at Fortezza Partners.

Could changes at Amil impact customers?

The above-mentioned expert (Harold Takahashi) states that the new administration of health insurance Emphasis should be placed on implementing the beneficiary list in a more controlled manner, and adopting changes to the pricing and sales practices used so far.

“The new owner tends to change this situation and does not offer such a big discount that it hurts the business margins,” says the expert.

Amil, together with Americas Serviços Médicos, which was also sold, has the second largest complementary healthcare infrastructure in Brazil, behind only Rede D'Or. After that, the company owns 19 hospitals and 52 service units, while the other network includes 28 centers and clinics, in addition to 12 hospitals.

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According to doctor and MBA professor in Health Management at FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas), Carlos Lupe, the sale will be a positive thing for users of the service. The academic states that implementing vertical measures can bring many benefits to everyone.

“UHG owns the Pró-Cardiaco Hospital, in Botafogo, Rio, which is one of the best medical centers in the country, but today Amiel is underutilizing it.”

Finally, says Carlos, it still needs to be confirmed whether the new management is only interested in implementing a transition to make a new sale, or whether they will actually take over the management of the business and solve the problems the company is facing. health insurance Face.