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See April’s best-selling SUVs

National preference, SUV has more and more fans in Brazil. After all, the number of registrations of these models leaves no doubt. That is, in the first quarter of 2023 alone, this category was responsible for 46.33% of sales. The numbers were released by Fenabrave, a federation that brings together dealer associations.

As in February and March, category sales were led in April Jeep Compass, which in the past month had a total number of 4,898 registrations. Therefore, the difference was only 210 cars in second place, which was occupied by the Honda HR-V. The good result of the model, which amounted to 4,688 sales, was surprising. Anyway, the brand Already testing a new car in its class in Brazil.

Crete and T-Cross are among the best sellers


Just behind, in third place, comes Hyundai Creta. By the way, the 2024 line of compact SUVs has been launched, and although there is no relevant news, it is more expensive than its predecessor. In fourth place is Volkswagen T-Cross, with 4,592 sales. This is another thing that will change soon. After all, it was some units of the new model Caught while running in Tests.

In fifth place was the Chevrolet Tracker, which led backlog sales in 2022. And the car just got new arms. Recently, the brand launched releases midnight and rs, that jc already evaluated. The car recorded 4,078 registrations in April. Thus, it has overtaken, say, the Toyota Corolla Cross, Volkswagen Nivos and Fiat Pulse, in that order.

In ninth place was the Jeep Renegade, which achieved 3,219 sales in April and just won a new entry version, for about R$125,000. Finally, the Nissan Kicks, whose 2024 lineup has just arrived in stores, closes the ranking of the 10 best-selling compact SUVs in Brazil in April.

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See our list of the 15 best-selling compact SUVs in April:

  1. Jeep Compass – 4,898
  2. Honda HR-V – 4688
  3. Hyundai Crete – 4660
  4. Volkswagen T-Cross – 4592
  5. Chevrolet Tracker – 4078
  6. Toyota Corolla Cross – 3946
  7. Volkswagen Nevus – 3,702
  8. Fiat Plus – 3,504
  9. Jeep Renegade – 3219
  10. Nissan Kicks – 3,055
  11. Fiat Fastback – 2,466
  12. Jeep Commander – 1835
  13. Renault Duster – 1,377
  14. Toyota SW4 – 1113
  15. Volkswagen Taos – 792

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