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Security camera captures video of Bruno Mars in Brazil;  He watches!

Security camera captures video of Bruno Mars in Brazil; He watches!

Video: A security camera captures a video of Bruno Mars in Brazil (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram; Social Networks)

Come to Brazil, Broninho comes to Brazil.Bruno Mars’ time in the country truly made history. After the star gave two amazing performances at “The Town” festival, he decided to thank the audience with an amazing video. The recording showed the singer in different parts of São Paulo to funk music designed specifically for Brazilian audiences. The post has gone viral and has already received more than 48 million views.

But if you are one of the people who are curious to know how the artist managed to make the recording so discreetly and without anyone noticing, then your problems have been solved. On Friday (15), an Internet user named Maria Emilia Habarzatas revealed the behind-the-scenes of the filming through footage captured by security cameras in her home.

In the photos, Bruno appears to be waiting for the street to stop moving before getting out of an all-black truck. He quickly gets out of the car, runs to the other side and records for a few seconds with the cameraman. “I never wanted to walk my dogs so much on the street above my house.”said the netizen who managed to save the moment behind the scenes. She also reported that the shoot took place on September 8, a few days before the star’s final show in the country. Watch below:

Watch the original video:

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For the video, Bruno took a tour around São Paulo. The singer visited the areas of Bakaembu and Jardines, both in the Western Region. Check out the specific locations below:

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1) Bakambu Children’s School. CEI Pinochio IV is located on Avenida Pacaembu, No. 829.

2) Graphite Cobra. The work “Fraternity, Liberty and Equality” is located on Capivari Street, No. 337, near the Pacaembu Stadium.

3) The stairs in the middle of the palaces. The location is between Itapolis Street No. 1500 and Itaqueira Street No. 376.

4) The roof overlooks the city. The place is part of the Hotel Fasano, on Rua Vitório Fasano, No. 88.