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Disappointing debut and can't beat Loki Rolling Stone's rating

Disappointing debut and can’t beat Loki Rolling Stone’s rating

The first two episodes of hook (Archer Hawk, in Brazil) arrived at Disney + Last Wednesday, November 24. Although it is a title that the audience that follows it eagerly awaits Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the series failed to exceed a rating loki.

According to the data you provided Samba TV, via Nerd stationAnd hookYou experience a 40% decrease in audience compared to lokithat exceeded the number of previous versions, WandaVisionNS Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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According to the site reports, the viewing statistics for the first episode of hook It has an audience of 1.5 million in the United States. The second season saw 1.3 million viewers. The number presented by the series starring Hailee Steinfeld NS Jeremy Renner It is 40% less than the production you make Tom Hiddleston.

for the first time from loki Reached an audience of 2.5 million beat Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which totaled 1.8 million viewers and WandaVision With 1.6 million viewers in the first episode. Thus, the new series of Marvel Cinematic Universe Can’t exceed the numbers of any exclusive production Disney +.

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Boicote a Hawkeye

Immediately after the release of two episodes of hook, according to Electronic popcorn, comics lovers from marvel Social media was used to promote the series’ boycott movement in order to support the official creators of the comics. Recently, discussions have taken place about the low wages of these artists in connection with the adaptation of films or series on digital platforms.

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The boycott movement gained momentum, especially due to the lack of credibility for its creators Archer HawkAccording to fans marvel on social networks. The new series of MCU Inspired by a story part died NS David Aja, with the right to the opening that reflects the characteristic Just for caricature.