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Sebrae: Creation of a credit financial technology with a capital of R$600 million; See how it will work

at recent days , central bank give permission to Brazilian Support Service for Small and Micro Enterprises (SEBRAE) To build a Community Direct Credit (SCD). According to the information, the initial capital of the fintech will be about 600 million R$.

SEBRAE provides advisory services to many small businesses and acts as a facilitator, illustrating accessible lines in financial institutions. However, this will be the first time that the institute has acted as a financial channel, direct release of corporate credit grants.

It is worth noting that the institute enters the new branch with a very high capital, which is different from the average SCD, which usually starts with a minimum regulatory amount of R$1 million.

So far, Sebrae has not commented on the new release.

What is SCD?

There are several types of FinTech companies in the country, such as credit, payment, investment, loan, and others. However, only two intermediary credit companies can be authorized to credit creditors and debtors by electronic means in Brazil, namely: Sociedade de Crédito Direto (SCD) and Sociedade de Empréstimo entre Pessoas (SEP).

according to central bankSCD trading should be described as a credit transaction, using an electronic platform, with its own resources. Thus, the foundation is not authorized to collect funds from the public.

Social security programs are not limited to credit operations, they can also provide services such as: credit analysis for third parties; third party credit collection; Distribution of insurance related to the transactions granted through an electronic platform and the issuance of electronic money.

SEBRAE announces 32 vacancies with salaries of up to 17 thousand Brazilian riyals

a SEBRAE (Brazilian Service to Support Small and Micro Enterprises) New vacancies For professionals across the country. In total, 32 opportunities are provided.

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According to the institution, salaries range from R$13,638.54 to R$17,150.74, depending on each position.

Jobs available at Sebrae

in vacancies She was opened for a second technical analyst position. Therefore, in order to apply, you must have completed your higher education, and remember that there will be a difference in training in areas such as pedagogy and statistics.

The institute also reported that the work contract will have an indefinite period and that the working hours are 40 hours per week.


In addition to salary, SEBRAE It also gives its employees additional benefits such as:

  • Dental Care;
  • private pensions;
  • Group life insurance
  • food vouchers
  • Transportation vouchers
  • Childcare assistance.


If you are interested in the proposal, be sure to register. The procedure is quick and easy, as it is 100% remote.

To apply, the interested party must have access to official site Bring the spray and fill out the form. It is worth noting that the registration period will end on the twenty-fifth of this month.

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