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Search by username

Search by username

Hey WhatsApp, the leading global messaging company, continues to surprise its users with revolutionary innovations. Recently, an Android beta update revealed a much-awaited feature: the ability to search contacts by username, freeing users from traditional reliance on mobile phone numbers.

This change not only represents an advance in privacy, but also simplifies the communication process in the app.

Coming soon: call search by name!

The latest beta version of WhatsApp Androidversion, brought an exciting discovery for app fans.

Code analysis revealed that a new feature is in development that allows users to choose a unique username. This unique choice enables interactions between users without the need to share mobile phone numbers.

In a subsequent update, confirmation came: it will soon be possible to search for contacts by entering their usernames in a dedicated search field. This change represents a major advance in terms of security and privacy, eliminating the need to reveal mobile phone numbers to make contact.

This innovation not only raises security standards, but also greatly simplifies the process of adding new contacts. It will no longer be necessary to enter the phone number in the address book; All it takes is a unique username to start a valuable interaction.

This function, although there is no official date for it, will soon arrive in Android beta. After a period of rigorous testing, it is expected to gradually become available to all users in the stable release, providing a more secure and efficient experience.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced a feature Privacy Innovative, allowing users to lock conversations with password and fingerprint, reinforcing its commitment to user security and privacy.

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With these and other upcoming improvements, WhatsApp confirms its position as a leader in the world of online communications, providing a reliable and modern experience to millions of users around the world.