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Nubank pays a reward of R$300 to participate in the research

the nubank Always advance Cash rewards For customers who agree to participate in online surveys. The practice of inviting users to express their opinions about products, services or other aspects has been adopted digital bank At least since last year.

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On the last occasion, financial technology Pay R$300 to those who are approved to answer the questions. The questions are varied and deal with the personal aspects of the client and the central topic of the research.

The pre-selection is carried out with the aim of ascertaining whether the consumer is within the profile sought by the company, which always intends to get to know its audience better or improve the services provided. invitation nubank To those selected it is sent exclusively via e-mail.

Reward survey

The last survey offered R$300 to anyone who wanted to answer questions about “financial services”. For this, it was necessary to complete all the proposed steps.

Your story will help millions of Nubank customers. If your profile fits the research we’re doing, we’ll invite you to an interview with our team of researchers,” the email read.

Throughout 2022, the bank also promoted a survey with the theme “Income tax’, which won R$450 for those selected. Another survey conducted last year dealt with the topic “Investments” and guaranteed a R$150 reward.

How to participate

As mentioned, Nubank sends the invitation via e-mail to the selected customers, who must click on the indicated link to complete the process. The selection is made by the financial institution itself automatically without the possibility of registering for participation. To check out new opportunities, stay tuned to your email.

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