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Scientists warn of severe allergy caused by nail gel |  Science and health

Scientists warn of severe allergy caused by nail gel | Science and health

Dermatologists warn of the dangers of gel polish – Image: Pexels

Dermatologists have reported an increase in the number of people with severe allergic reactions to gel polishes. This sensitivity can prevent a person from accessing, in the future, procedures such as cataract surgery, orthopedic prostheses or simple fillings, according to reports. Daily news.

The chemicals in gel nail polish, known as methacrylates, can cause an allergic reaction if they get on the skin. In this case, experts warn, the outcome can range from nail loss to severe itching of the hands.

If the UV lamps used to dry nail polish are not used long enough, or if the equipment is not well maintained, it can cause the chemicals to penetrate the skin.

To prevent this from happening, you must respect the time specified by the enamel manufacturer. If this is not done, a reaction can begin in the skin around the nails.

Even worse, those who suffer from this reaction are often unable to tolerate exposure to the same chemical, which is also used in routine procedures such as fillings, prostheses, and eye surgeries.

Dermatologist Deirdre Buckley told the BBC’s Today show that there are a number of symptoms associated with using gel nail polish. “In addition to the localized effects, symptoms can include a rash on the face and neck, which are areas that people tend to touch frequently,” he said. For those with asthma, the problem can get worse.

Home applications are the most dangerous, but even beauty salons can pose risks if the person operating the machine is not well trained, or if they rush the customer in order to attend to more people.

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Personnel handling enamel also need to be careful, using nitrile gloves, which should be changed every 30 minutes.