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Housewives should be aware of these risks

Housewives should be aware of these risks

Housewives must realize the danger to save their lives

Being a housewife is not an easy task, because the job never ends and there is always something to clean or do.

But you need to be aware of the products used in cleaning environments, because there are materials used for cleaning that are very toxic.

Many of the products we use on a daily basis can cause various health problems and cause harm. Candida is one of the biggest causes of disease among housewives, due to its high chlorine content.

The product can cause serious respiratory problems, irritation and infections. Experts advise housewives to wear gloves when handling the product, preferably in an environment with plenty of ventilation.

Solvents are another product that causes serious harm to health, and inhalation can cause irritation in the eyes, throat and nose, and can cause pneumonia. It’s always best to use solvents with a mask on and in well-ventilated environments.

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Not many people have any idea, but air purifiers are something we also need to be aware of. This is because instead of improving air quality, many models may contain chemicals that are harmful to human health.

It is always best to use purifiers correctly so that they do not cause side effects, reading the manufacturer’s specifications is essential before using them.

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Who is the famous person who discovered the disease without treatment?

The sad news surprised many people. Last year, a famous star from Globo was diagnosed with an incurable disease and left Brazil.

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The artist in question is the actress Julia Almeidawho began acting at just eight years old in the 1990s, with several hit series under her belt, the popular girl left the country in 2012, heading to England.

Soon, the actress discovered that she had epilepsy syndrome, an incurable disease that causes temporary and reversible changes in the functioning of the brain, causing epileptic seizures.

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