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Scientists discover the signal that proves Einstein's theory

Scientists discover the signal that proves Einstein’s theory

A team of astronomers at Stanford University has detected light coming from behind a Black hole. Notes published yesterday in the magazine nature, Proof Theory of relativity Powered by an astrophysicist Albert Einstein, in 1905.

through monitoring X ray launched by giant black hole ثقب In a galaxy 800 million light-years away from TeraScientist Dan Wilkins stanford, noticed a novelty.

According to the SciTech Daily website, the astrophysicist observed a series of X-ray flashes – exciting but not unprecedented – and telescopes She recorded something rare: additional X-ray flashes that were smaller, later, and different in color than the glare.

According to the theory of relativity, the echoes were consistent with rays reflected from behind a black hole. However, the already studied understanding of black holes indicates that the light emitted from that place is strange.

“Any light that goes into that black hole doesn’t go out, so we shouldn’t be able to see anything behind the black hole,” says Wilkins, who is also a scientist at Stanford University’s Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Cosmology. and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

“The reason we see this is because the black hole is distorting space, bending light, and wrapping magnetic fields around itself,” he explains.

The discovery is the first direct observation of light behind a black hole, something that Albert Einstein predicted more than 100 years ago but has only now been confirmed, according to the site.

“Fifty years ago, when astrophysicists started speculating about how the magnetic field would behave near a black hole, they had no idea that we might one day have the techniques to directly observe it and see Einstein’s general theory of relativity in action,” Roger says. Co-author of the article.

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