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Samsung TV Plus adds more free channels and now has 38 stations in the network

Samsung TV Plus adds more free channels and now has 38 stations in the network

Updated (7/29/2021) by LL

Earlier this month, Samsung TV Plus added four stations to the schedule. According to the company, the streaming service, which has been provided free of charge to users of 4K smart TVs manufactured by Samsung since 2017 and on other models launched from 2020, has reached 38 publicly available channels.

this week, Two new channels are now part of the catalog. The new first channel is FilmRise, available at 2575. The content is produced by an eponymous film and television studio in New York, USA, which includes original movies and TV series in the library, as well as other licensed content. Trademarks.

The other new one is the national channel NetMovies, available at 2732. NetMovies is a brand of Looke that has an exclusive platform for delivering titles on demand via broadcast.

Recently, NetMovies started betting on View free and free content. Movies and series are available on YouTube; Business is supported by ads.

Check out the full and updated list of channels available on Samsung TV Plus below:

  • 2038 – News Recording
  • 2064 – Euro News
  • 2078 – Bloomberg
  • 2086 – Taste
  • 2140 – Holy Wire
  • 2143 – Rivera Brazil
  • 2216 – In the Wild
  • 2220 – InWonder
  • 2223 – Wild Earth
  • 2227 – Stingray Naturescape
  • 2231 – Weather Spy
  • 2238 – Pluto TV Torma da Monica
  • 2241 – Toon Glasses
  • 2257 – Classic Nick
  • 2258 – Nick Jr
  • 2279 – Rocco Modern Life
  • 2292 – Insight TV
  • 2295 – Fuel TV
  • 2298 – People are cool
  • 2301 – In Trouble
  • 2319 – Hard Knox Fighting Championship
  • 2330 – Motorvisionl.tv
  • 2339 – BBC Games
  • 2420 – Demand for Africa
  • 2445 – TV Clubs
  • 2450 – Qwest TV Jazz & Beyond
  • 2465 – Collective Pets
  • 2475 – Chive TV
  • 2475 – Filmy
  • 2500 – AFV Family Channel
  • 2544 – Pluto Anime TV
  • 2572 – Nashville in Portuguese
  • 2575 – The Movie Rise
  • 2675 – Dark Mater
  • 2695 – Cindy Light
  • 2706 My Time Movie Network
  • 2730 – Runtime
  • 2732 – NetMovies
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Samsung TV Plus announced, on Wednesday (30), that it has already exceeded 35 channels in its programming schedule, with four more stations being included in its live TV service.

The new user options have been on the platform for about a week and offer content that includes movies, series, and documentaries. They are: Revry Brasil, Nashville in Portuguese, WildEarth, and Cindie.

“The goal is to have more and more high-quality content options on Samsung TV Plus and the trend is to have more shows within an ever-increasing stream. We have add-ons that are greatly improving the service, and we are excited to have Revry Brasil specifically this LGBTQIA+ month Pride. We hope to serve more diverse audiences, as we greatly value diversity and inclusion.”

Aline Jabbour

Business Development Manager for Samsung in Latin America


Revry Brasil is a channel that strives to promote diversity and representation in its titles. It is present in 116 countries, with series, movies and documentaries, as well as reality shows, news and stories at any time.

The Nashville series now has its own dedicated broadcaster showing episodes available in Portuguese. In the plot, the successful career of country singer Rena James is threatened by some events in the city that inspired the name of the production.

Samsung TV Plus includes tr

May 26

Samsung TV Plus adds two more channels

April 28

Samsung Plus TV

Samsung TV Plus consists of a file TV broadcasting service Integrated with the brand’s Smart TV operating system. Delivers stations of various genres for free, through an Internet signal.

In total, the Samsung platform is available in Brazil and in 22 other countries, such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, England, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Australia, India, Korea, and Mexico.

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