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Science proves that pets have a “magical” effect on our mental health

Grief cure exists and it has a name: Pets! Yes, these gentle and affectionate companions and pets have a lot of love to give and they have the purest heart. In addition to reducing loneliness, pets make us feel more loved. Mental health improvement has already been demonstrated with them.

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Pets fill any space for joy. In times of epidemic and social isolation, for example, the demand for animals has increased. Adoption has taken a very satisfying leap! People spent more time at home, felt lonely and found the best and healthiest companions in pets.

Pets and mental health

Some scientific studies show how pets have a strong bond with them Psychological health. They contribute to lowering stress hormone levels.

Animals make us move. Even the most sedentary people find time in the day’s schedule for a brisk walk. It’s a bit of vitamin D, and it’s a pleasure to see them happy and an extra walk toward the bill.

It is also an existence that forces us to have more self care. By adopting a pet, we become responsible for it. Pets don’t talk and depend on us for almost everything. That’s why they, pets, are great companions for those suffering from depression and other mental and emotional health issues.

Only those who have or have had an animal know how special this relationship is. Just like children, every pet is different, has a well-defined personality and knows how to treat owners who sometimes treat them if they are parents.

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The relationship is so strong that science also proves that pets are comfortable with it worry. A study conducted by the Human Animal Bonds Research Institute (HABRI) showed that 74% of respondents had an improvement in mental health as a result of their relationship with their pets.