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History of the science that studies the relationship between the shape of the face and the "soul"

History of the science that studies the relationship between the shape of the face and the “soul”

Its roots can be found in the last millennium. It must be considered the result of a very long gestation during which concepts and words, of their own, expressed a subtle cultural development. Its origin is practically ancient and from here it gained great wisdom, but also great wisdom. After all, what exactly happened to medicine.

Let’s start with the ancient Sumerian times

Sumeria is a region of Lower Mesopotamia bordering the Persian Gulf. Western Sumer is a region called the Chaldean. And in this area, some tablets were found that, according to experts, can be traced back to five thousand years ago.

In these, the human soul is depicted in relation to the psychology of the gods. This approach to the man was clearly part of the knowledge of the time. That is why the world has been interpreted in relation to myths.

So we turned to the planetary cycle, to the abode of the gods, and by analogy with this, psychic types are configured to match. Everything appeared in the general history of the gods, that is, the myths that our ancestors inherited.

Each character was assigned a specific aspect in mythology, that is, the anatomy of the face and the later personality. Of course, it was all based on a certain intuition.

Therefore, thousands of years ago, it was possible to understand the congruence of human characteristics and aspects of personality. Thus the mythical physiognomy was born, and hence the psychic types: Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, to which the Earth, Moon and Sun were added.

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1- Type of terrain

Megaforms, which are to express behavior driven by the comprehension of commands. The shape of the face is square or rectangular. widespread among farmers.

Two types of mercury

God with winged feet. It expresses the realization of human spirituality. Its forms are delicate, unlike those of the earth. Journalists are associated with this genre.

3- Like Tuesday

The taste of movement and challenge dominates. The face shape is a toned model. found in sports.

4 types of flower

Sweetness of shapes. Discover intuitive behavior. The shape is graceful. Present among the actresses.

5- Buyer type

Father of the Gods – symbolizes social expansion. It is in politicians. The face is broad and rectangular.

6-type of Saturn

Grandfather of the gods. Equipped with analytical behavior and the need to think. present in men of culture. The face has bumps and indents.

7- Moon type

A round face in the presence of the spirit of sharing and dreaming.

8- type of sun

Presenting an artistic and exemplary sense. The face glows from above and is triangular in shape.

(From Bartolomeo ValentinoFormer Professor of Anatomy at the University of Naples – Aesthetic Psychologist – Source: news agency records – news archive at #TeleradioNews ♥ your site © copyright of the author)