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Municipality of Pelotas

Municipality of Pelotas

* In collaboration with Larissa Bruno

The Mayor Paula Mascarenhas Share on Saturday morning (24) in Praia do Larangal, for the opening of the outdoor gym that received new equipment. The space, rehabilitated by Single Through a partnership with Pelotas City Hallthrough the program Build a green areaOfficially, for a walk along the seashore. The action was also another version of the project Movement for changewhich is part of the program live well from the cooperative.

Paula thanked the Unimed team and highlighted the importance of such initiatives that promote sustainability and physical activity. “It is wonderful to know that there are partner companies that appreciate and love Pelotas, and are willing to act with social responsibility. The raison d’être of public authority is the people who live in the city and it has no purpose more important than the care of its people. It is our pleasure to combine the reason for the existence of a company The reason the municipality exists is to improve people’s lives, and to offer more quality, comfort and encouragement to those who live here.”

In addition to acquiring new equipment, intended to exercise weight training, motor coordination, and physical conditioning, the space must also receive company maintenance in the environmental conservation of the site for a period of three years, as guaranteed by the City Hall Program.

Opening of the outdoor gym in Praia de Laranjal 1 Photos: Michel Corvelo

The inauguration was also attended by Minister of Environmental Quality, Eduardo Schaefer, Special Adviser for Special Projects, Louise van der Laan, and President of Unimed Pelotas, Rosanna Sousa van der Laan, accompanied by members of the company’s management, and the community. Orange Association (Asclar).

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The Adopt a Green Zone program is part of the Green Action Hub of the Pelotas Green Cycle Program – developed by the Secretariat for Environmental Quality (SQA). The project to adopt a green area aims to ensure the preservation, rehabilitation and expansion of public green spaces, through the participation of private companies.

By September of this year, 16 certification periods had been completed, with nine applications signed and still under analysis with partner companies. Most of the approved green spaces are located in the direction of Larangal district.

Those interested in participating in the municipality’s initiative should contact SQA directly, located at Avenida Domingos de Almeida, 1490 and available by phone (53) 3227-5442.