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Science proves that Batman’s costume makes no sense

a Batman She is one of the most iconic characters of all time: you don’t even need to read the comics or watch the movies to be able to identify a DC hero by something as simple as a bat symbol.

However, throughout all these years of fictional history, there’s something irritating those who love more realistic plots: To science, Batman’s costume doesn’t make much sense.

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His outfit has gone through many modifications over the years, but it does follow a pattern: darker cuts, a bat mask, a long closing-helping gown and his imposing, though not very realistic, look.

Understand the scholarly criticism of Batman’s appearance:

The covers are not secure

If you watched the animated movie The Incredibles, you will surely remember Edna Moda’s motto for designing the hero’s costume: no headpieces!

Whether in comics, animation or live action, Batman’s cape is always very present and is one of the most striking points of his hero’s attire. It serves not only aesthetic purposes, but is often adapted to bulletproof fabrics to serve as a shield or, later, as a kind of parachute, used for gliding when the hero needs to jump from great heights.

“Gliding while wearing a batskip is clearly not a safe method of travel unless a method of rapid deceleration, such as a parachute, is used,” University of Leicester physicists wrote about the latest feature in the 2012 Journal of Special Topics of Physics.

They further noted that realistically, after jumping from a skyscraper 150 meters high, Batman could realistically slide about 350 meters over a distance of 4.7 meters before the speed stabilized at 110 km/h. Something to break the fall, the hero will surely die when he hits the ground.

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The cover doesn’t help either.

Another feature of Batman’s appearance that annoys people is the hood: in the versions of Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian BaleFor example, it is seen that the headgear worn by the hero is a solid piece, starting from the shoulders and covering his entire head.

In the event of Robocop in 2014, actor Michael Keaton also mentioned his days as Batman, in 1989, which included a complex portrayal thanks to the character’s costume: in the interview, the actor said that it was almost impossible to move his neck inside this costume and to look to the side, although For example, he had to move his entire upper body.

This was a great inconvenience for him, as an actor, but for the hero it is also complicated: if it is already difficult to move your neck, who then says fights with bandits, and must always be on the lookout for any movement? However, for fiction, it doesn’t matter: what matters is that the picture is great, and that Batman is actually in control.

The new Batman movie, with Robert Pattinson, is already in HBO Max.🇧🇷