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Science and technology partners with the American University

Science and technology partners with the American University

The Municipal Science and Technology Department has signed an agreement with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to create the Senseable Rio Lab, a laboratory that will serve as a testbed for urban projects implementing technologies such as visual artificial intelligence, in order to informally study settlements in the municipality of Rio that will effectively contribute to Urban planning and city improvements.

The Senseable Rio Lab will be the first laboratory of this model implemented in South American countries. Using technological tools, it will be possible to interpret images and analyze areas such as the favelas of Rio, using artificial intelligence, and in this way, find solutions to the Rio problem. Improving the lives of communities in these areas. You will work within Coppe-UFRJ.

The AI-interpreted images are also used to build a digital twin, a virtual representation of a real system that will allow a deeper understanding of the system and development of public policies for areas with levels of vulnerability.

Senseable Rio Lab is the newest member of Senseable World Labs, which already includes Stockholm, Amsterdam, Singapore and Dubai, and focuses on conducting research in cities facing challenges such as transportation, social segregation and climate neutrality, among other topics.

This agreement is another one of the initiatives developed by City Hall to bring cutting-edge technologies to Rio, in order to transform the city into a capital of innovation and technology.

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