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Sarao combines art and science at an event related to climate change

Sarao combines art and science at an event related to climate change

Before the last day of the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, Casa Sencia, at the INPA National Institute for Amazonian Research, Instituto Sarau Ciência e Arte na Amazônia, holds.

The event’s creator, biologist and science reporter, Gabriel Vircosa, highlights the importance of making people aware of climate issues with an artistic eye connected to science.

When we combine this logic with this sensitivity, we can better assess problems and we can better navigate them. The pandemic was an example of this situation because we had to learn about the virus, how it spreads, how to protect ourselves, and in a lot of moments the art was part of that. So at the party, we’re trying to connect the two forces of how art and science think about the world. “We have complex problems that require complex solutions,” Gabriel says.

Creating viable alternatives is one way the initiative seeks to integrate topics that rely on the participation of researchers and artists to implement measures that reduce environmental impacts.

“We recognize that climate change has a human factor and it’s socially produced. So it’s been something we’ve been producing together for a long time. It’s a way of living. So if it’s something we built collectively, we’ll only be able to fix it collectively as well,” he points out.

Sarau will be broadcasting on INPA’s Youtube channel, from 6pm, and according to Gabriel Verçosa, the aim of the event is to report the problem and how to participate in the solution.

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The next concert is scheduled for November 19, with the theme “How Science Helped Build More Effective Public Policies.”

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