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Sarah talks about Juliet’s demand for forgiveness and her desire to live with a generation – he

Sarah talks about Juliet’s demand for forgiveness and the desire to live with a generation (Photo: Isabella Pinheiro, Roberto Trombas and Lord Bullfilms)

Sarah Andrade’s many weeks of imprisonment at BBB21 had two inseparable companies: Gil do Vigor and Juliette Freire. The marketing consultant, who throughout the entire reality show distanced herself from the attorney and got closer to the economist, told Kim what the relationship of the trio, who became known on the Internet to G3, was like.

“My meeting with Juliet was fast, while recording a BBB reunion. At my first chance, I apologized. I did it with my heart. Referring to the show, it was nice to talk to her. BBB 101 Day.

Sarah and Jill (Photo: Rede Globo)

Sarah and Jill (Photo: Rede Globo)

Regarding Gilberto, Sarah says she has become friends with his mother, the royal Gasera SantanaBefore the friend is removed from reality.

“Our mothers have become friends since the program and we are continuing this relationship here. We are friends.”

Sarah has lived in Sao Paulo since leaving the reality show, and says she would like to share the apartment with Jill. Although she wanted to, she still couldn’t spend the time talking to him about it.

“We are still organizing our work schedules to better understand the logistics for both of us, but I will definitely live with it. It will be very fun. And I will have a wonderful friend by my side.”

Sarah (Photo: Roberto Trombas)

Sarah (Photo: Roberto Trombas)

Despite the busy work routine, Sarah agreed to the city of São Paulo. “I moved to Sao Paulo and I’m still organizing some things, but I love everything. I took two days from the end of the program to get a little more rest. But the routine, thank God, is busy, planning and working hard,” he says.

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Sarah, who has emerged during her time in the United States in international productions, intends to invest in her artistic career. Her dream is to be a great broadcaster.

“I have a great desire to build an artistic career, especially as a presenter. I am preparing for this.”

Sarah (Photo: Roberto Trombas)

Sarah (Photo: Roberto Trombas)