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The husband of one of the participants said it was normal to celebrate

Angelica Ramos He does not know, but he has gained enmity within Without Borders: Iris Stefanelli. The participant did not like to see the celebration of The Kalango tribe when they won the Test of Excellence Commented on that Angelica She was mistreated for being in contact with her victory in the face of others.

Co-husband, Laurent Mugot He came out in defense of his wife in an interview with Gshow: “I didn’t need that. Her team won the previous race and they also celebrated and danced a little. When Angélica’s team won, she was really excited. It’s like this.”

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He further revealed that his wife did not comment when the other team won: Angelica watched them dance too and said nothing. Then, when it was her team’s turn [Tribo Calango]Is he there [Íris] He simply increased everything. I thought it was unnecessary. This is putting pepper in the game, to show yourself a little. If the team wins, then naturally we celebrate the way they want. “

to the end, Laurent MugotCommented on his wife’s vote in Mahmud: “It’s part of the game, and No Limite is different. Press, soon, there will be fewer participants, and they will have to vote for their friends. Everyone will be fake at some point.”

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