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Santander is drawing 5 travel packages to watch the Champions League final

Santander is drawing 5 travel packages to watch the Champions League final

a santander, In partnership with Master Card Credit Cardlaunched a promotion called “Flame in the Final” He will draw 5 travel packages with a companion to watch the 2022-23 UEFA Champions League Final. The decisive match will be played at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in IstanbulAnd On the 10th of June 2023.

the campaign

For every R$100 accumulated in the credit function on purchases made until March 31, 2023, the participant will win a lucky number to compete for prizes in the promotion. But attention! The calculated value is the accumulated value, and does not require a minimum transaction to participate in the campaign.

See how it works in practice:

In addition, lucky numbers will be awarded to those who:

  • Apply for new MasterCard cards (bonus 30 lucky numbers);
  • upgrade their credit card (30 lucky numbers bonus); that it
  • Make purchases using the online card created in Santander channels (bonus 5 lucky numbers, regardless of the number of purchases).

For more information, see promotion list.


Prizes will be as follows:

  • 5 (five) travel packages with one companion each for the UEFA Champions League Final; that it
  • 500 (five hundred) prizes in the amount of R$200.00 (Two Hundred Brazilian Reals) in a credit bill, which will be made available on the participant’s card.

Withdrawal date

The lucky numbers will be announced on April 25th, with the draw taking place the next day (04/26) and counting on the 27th. The winners will be announced on May 8th.

How to apply

To compete, it’s easy. See step by step below:

  1. Register your Santander MasterCard at Promotion site;
  2. For every R$100 you spend on the credit function, you will add one (one) lucky number; that it
  3. ready! Now just wait for the draw.
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important information

  • For every R$100.00 (one hundred Omani Rials) accumulated in purchases already made and posted on the invoice during the credit function participation period, using eligible cards, in installments or cash, participants will be given 01 (one) lucky number to compete for promotion prizes;
  • For the new Mastercards ordered, a bonus of 30 (thirty) lucky numbers will be designed;
  • When you upgrade (a higher class card) from your existing Santander Mastercard, you will receive a bonus of 30 (thirty) lucky numbers;
  • Purchases made with the card online, generated on Santander channels, will generate a bonus of 5 (five) lucky numbers only once, regardless of the number of purchases. This accelerator is only valid once; that it
  • Customers who, during the period of participation in the promotion, change the brand of the card purchased, will not be eligible for 30 (thirty) lucky numbers.


The upgrade is very cool for those who love soccer. Since there is no minimum purchase amount, since the lucky number is every R$100 accumulated in the credit function and not necessarily in a single transaction, the offer becomes even more interesting.

Are you thinking of taking advantage of Santander’s promotion for the chance to watch the Champions League final? Register your Santander MasterCard at Promotion site And good luck!



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