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Another announcement by Lula leaves Brazilians satisfied

Another announcement by Lula leaves Brazilians satisfied

Surely you know someone or have problems with CPF, that is, with the “dirty name”. The amount of debt-ridden Brazilians is huge, and we all know one or more people who live in this situation.

So, the president elected by the Labor Party, Luiz Inacio Lola da Silva, to make a declaration that would benefit these citizens.

At present, according to information collected by Cerasa, nearly 60 million Brazilians are in default with credit protection agencies. However, do you understand what the “dirty name” of a debtor means? He knows Lola and wants to help the residents get back on their feet financially.

The importance of leaving debt

As many people must understand, or at least imagine, the day in and day out life of someone with negative CPF is very difficult. After all, there are many operations involving credit that are virtually void for defaulters.

Myriad financial services and products become more and more complex for those who are heavily indebted. This happens, mainly, due to the fact that Brazilian financial institutions and companies conduct credit counseling for potential clients.

Therefore, credit protection agencies, such as SPC and Serasa, are parameters that indicate the probability that a person will not be able to pay his debts. Thus, these institutions and companies sometimes do not even consider the applications of distressed citizens.

Installment purchases, for example, are quickly declined for those with other items pending. Since the so-called credit bureaus consider these citizens a risk of not paying their debts. In other words, giving credit is almost impossible.

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Banks rarely give loans to defaulters because of the risks of non-payment by these citizens. Likewise, it is very difficult for a debtor to obtain a credit card, which nowadays is a very useful tool in many situations.

Therefore, in order to avoid further headaches, there is a need to keep the paid bills up-to-date, and to avoid debts. However, since Brazil’s recent years have been bad economically, what can a Brazilian citizen, who is already in the group of defaulters, do if he wants to reverse this situation?

Litígio Zero is the software that Lula wants to roll out to debtors

Thinking of all the hardships these Brazilians face, and what they need to do to overcome default, the federal government designed the Zero Litigation Program. This is a great initiative of the Lula government, which aims for a speedy economic recovery for thousands of Brazilians. After all, the recovery of the citizens’ economy is also conducive to the recovery of the country’s economy.

Through this measure, PF (individuals) and PJ (legal entities) that are still in default will be able to finance the full amount of their debts. However, with Litígio Zero, this installment will be made without paying interest or additional fees.

In order to participate in the program, the total amount of debt individuals or small business owners can have is up to 60 minimum wages. Small businesses still get a discount of 40% to 50% for debt settlement.

Moreover, large companies can also participate in the Zero Litigation Program. It is only necessary to watch out for the debt to be greater than 60 minimum wage in effect. In such a situation, depending on the company’s financial performance, up to 100% of the debt may be forgiven.

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To enroll in Litígio Zero, a program created by the government Lola, just access the platform of the Federal Revenue Services Center. Also, the application deadline is March 31, so don’t miss this opportunity.