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Sandman: Did you notice the reference to Batman and the Justice League in this episode?  - News was seen on the web

Sandman: Did you notice the reference to Batman and the Justice League in this episode? – News was seen on the web

The comics are a DC asset, although the Netflix series is not set in the universe.

The long-awaited adaptation of Sandman It finally released and did so in a big way, becoming one of Netflix’s biggest hits of the year. The Neil Gaiman series has managed to win over fans of the original comics as well as new viewers, who will surely have some doubts regarding some of the Easter eggs that appear in the series.

Many would be surprised to see the Warner logo in the opening credits of each chapter, but IThis is because the character is an original creation of DC Comics, which was later published by Neil Gaiman in the late 1980s and 1990s. But in the end, Warner didn’t release the edit in series format, and in the end it was Netflix that jumped at the opportunity.

Despite this, there are interesting references to DC’s superheroes and the Sandman’s connection to the Justice League, which appear sporadically in all of the comics. While you can’t Netflix Using the original opponent’s characters directly, as with ConstantineHe can skillfully introduce them as he does in Episode VII titled “The Doll’s House”.

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In this chapter, we see how Rose Walker’s brother Jed picks up a Batman doll to take with him to go with his dad. In the scene, there are also Wonder Woman and Flash dolls, although the Dark Knight is a beloved nod to the character’s DC history since it appeared in the latest issue written by Gaiman.

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It’s not the only references the series has given to the past in the Sandman comics. In the later episode, Playhouse, we see a sequence featuring the aforementioned Jed, where he dreams of being a superhero and disguises himself as the Sleeping Man in the character’s original costume before being refashioned by Gaiman and the animators. There are also quick references to many of the capital’s baddies like Psycho, Captain Cold or the Pied Piper.

These multiple details demonstrate just how accurate this production, which Gaiman himself did with Allan Heinberg and David S. Goyer, was. In the cast we can see Tom Sturridge as a dream, along with Jenna Coleman, Vivian Achempong, Kirby Howell Baptiste, Madison Alexander Park, David Thewlis, Boyd Holbrook and Gwendolyn Christie.