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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Producer Begins Research on Brazilian Drag

Will he come? The World of Wonder production company behind the franchise RuPaul’s Drag Race, posted an invitation to the Brazilian on her Instagram account. With that, rumors increased about a season of the show in Brazil.

According to the publication, the producer is searching for “Brazil’s best drag queens”. Applications must be submitted by filling out a 59-question form by August 26. The survey includes simple questions such as email address and other personal data, as well as pulling out and “disassembling” images.

In addition, he asks questions such as: “Do you plan and make your own costumes / dresses”; “Do you know how to sew?” ; and “Who’s going to do that in Snatch?”. The latter relates to a test in which participants have to “simulate” a celebrity in a word game.

Outside the United States, the franchise already has versions in Canada, Australia, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and Thailand. In the United States, the franchise owns the main program, as well as the All Stars version and Celebrity Drag Race, in which celebrities are “assembled” with the help of drag queens who have gone through the program.

World of Wonder was also responsible for the program Queen of the Universeavailable at Paramount+, whose first edition won a Brazilian Garage Coin.

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