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Sabrina Petraglia's house in Dubai was flooded

Sabrina Petraglia's house in Dubai was flooded

Sabrina Petraglia, 41, shared the worrying situation she faced in Dubai after a powerful storm hit the area. The actress stated that her house was flooded with water during the weather, which disrupted her birthday.

In describing the intensity of the rain and the resulting damage, she highlighted the presence of hailstones and strong winds, noting that this was not a common occurrence in “planned rains” as is known in the region.


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The people of Dubai were informed of the rain, and lessons were canceled to ensure the safety of children. Sabrina explained that although rainfall is rare, when it does fall it may be heavy, which indicates the end of winter and the arrival of spring in the region.

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Even two days after the event, there were still flood points near her residence, but she praised the efforts of local authorities to deal with the consequences and ensure water drainage.

Despite the setbacks caused by the storm, Sabrina assured that everyone is safe and that the situation is under control. She stressed that despite the continued closure of some roads and the suspension of studies, life will return to normal soon, expecting things to return to normal the following Monday.

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