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Rumor: Sony plans to make PS5 the home of this generation's Final Fantasy series

Rumor: Sony plans to make PS5 the home of this generation’s Final Fantasy series

In a post on ResetEra, VGC journalist Jordan Midler said that “Sony plans to make PlayStation the home of the franchise. Final Fantasy in this generation.” Moreover, he said that though Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy It has already been confirmed for release on Microsoft consoles and PC, and not much of this will be released outside of PlayStation.

Jordan also confirmed that the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake It was supposed to have already happened on Xbox consoles, but that hasn’t happened yet and no more information has been provided.

Despite the long period of exclusivity of the franchise on PlayStation consoles, the first 6 games were initially released as NES and SNES exclusives. In addition, the chain has become multi-platform recently, with Final Fantasy XIII and its sequence, fourteenth e Fifteenth It is coming out on consoles from Sony and Microsoft and also for PCs.

In any case, Sony has gained prominence with upcoming third-party exclusives for the PS5 and in some cases for PC, as it did with Deathloop and the same Final Fantasy VII Remake right Now. No deal has been publicly announced between the company and Square Enix and not much is known about the exclusives for titles that have been announced so far, so please treat this information as a rumor.

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