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PS4's Horizon Forbidden West appears online

PS4’s Horizon Forbidden West appears online

Pictures from the old building of Forbidden horizon west From PS4 appeared online. Although the files are not properly polished, all the contents of the new Aloy saga prepared for the final version are in them, i.e., spoilers It is already circulating on social media.

The information surfaced on Twitter, after two photos of the gameplay were posted. It was removed following copyright complaints, and the footage was copied by users on other platforms. So far, the records have not provided any data harmful to fans.

The removal of PS4 Horizon Forbidden West leak footage for the above reason indicates the legitimacy of the content. This way, players will have to be careful not to accidentally learn more story details when browsing social media.

the MyPlaystation The screenshots mentioned in this article will not be shared. If you want to avoid spoilers, browse social media carefully (or even avoid them).

PS4’s Horizon Forbidden West wasn’t the only one going through this experience

This case is similar to the second part of The Last of Us., when a semi-complete copy – pre-gold – was distributed to selected people. With Aloy’s sequel, a potential PS4 jailbreak could unlock the rest of the content as the user exploits it.

It will be possible to create quests in Horizon Forbidden West

The gear-making fundraiser will be replenished for Aloy on her next adventure. Players will be able to create missions to collect the resources they want in the game. a look!