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Roger Guedes reveals Coca’s crying, defends his coach, and sums up the climate in Corinthians for Derby: “Uma m…” |  Corinthians

Roger Guedes reveals Coca’s crying, defends his coach, and sums up the climate in Corinthians for Derby: “Uma m…” | Corinthians

And the striker attacked the coach’s critics, revealing that the former captain cried in a conversation on the eve of the match and admitted that the climate in the casting team is very bad at the moment.

Roger Geddes shoots critics of Coca and says the climate in Corinthians “…”

Yesterday I spent an hour in his office. The man crying in front of you is … Unfortunately, we live in a time when people judge, put the finger too much and don’t let the person prove their innocence. People need to review fonts. Anna Theiss (Matos, Globo commentator) You talk a lot. Especially in me it hits a lot, for no reason.

– I don’t know how these people sleep at home with so much hate in their hearts. Unfortunately, they got what they wanted. Part of the press, not all of it, but part of the press, fans from here and other clubs. Those who hate so much are happy, and we, who have a good heart, are unhappy because we wanted the result, we got it by the power of his work. Like it or not, it’s been a few days, but he’s planted what he wants. It saddens me knowing the person he is, especially when I see him crying, wife, daughters sad because of it, being attacked on social media. It is not the human being who does this. I hope you prove your innocence. I believe in him, I trust him.

– I think it is inhumane to attack a person. Anna mentioned Tae because she was one of the people who attacked him the most. Does she have evidence to support it? She has no evidence to speak of. So what do you want to rule? I’m sure she’s made a lot of mistakes in her life, too. And he, in the conversation that he had with me, completely trusted him, and said that he would prove it, that he would follow it up. In today’s world, it is inhumane to attack people without knowing things. It’s one thing to get attacked in the press without even knowing it, or start lying, saying you’re asking questions while you’re drunk. You can’t judge. You must wait.

– We were sad because it was so inhumane to attack him, they threatened to kill his daughters. We know what it’s like, when you lose a game it happens to us too. We are used to it, but your seven-year-old son sees something like that or his daughters are already big. It is very difficult to hear that your father is a rapist. And it is not. He will prove his innocence. I am closed to him, and everyone is with him, and this hug was from the heart, and we know how much he suffers. It’s hard to see your coach crying in front of you. I said I wanted him to stay, but not to see him on the human side, I told him to take care of himself, take care of his family and prove his innocence.

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Róger Guedes in Corinthians x Remo – Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

Roger Guedes said that my players Corinthians He tried to convince Koka to stay last Tuesday the eve of the match against Remo.

“I was with him for an hour. Being a character in the group, I had to take responsibility for trying to talk. Cassio tried too, Fabio Santos, Renato (Augusto). We tried, but it’s hard to want a business and see that the human part of it isn’t right.

Number 10 also summed up the mood among the players after yet another change of command. On Saturday, Corinthians has a classic against Palmeiras, at the Allianz Parque, of the Brazilian Championship.

– The weather has no other word, it’s bad. I can not lie. Your coach is leaving after a difficult qualifying round.

Corinthians 2 (5) x (4) 0 Remo – Best moments – Third stage of the Brazilian Cup