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Midfielder in transition, embezzlement and more: Sampaoli completes first training session for Flamengo x Botafogo – Flamengo – Flamengo match and news

Flamengo reappears at Ninho do Urubu at 10 am (Brasilia time) this Thursday (27)

for every: Leo Jose

It was a busy Thursday (27th) morning at Ninho do Urubu. The day after Maringa’s 8-2 defeat in the Brazilian Cup, Flamengo began preparing to face Botafogo. Jorge Sampaoli had a defensive midfielder in transition, applied tactics and saw absences progress in recovery.

Steering wheel in transition: Eric Polgar has been playing since February 25, when he fractured the base of the fifth metatarsal in his right foot. After recovering from the incision, the Chilean began the physical transition process. In this stage of work to return, the player performs activities with the ball in the Ninho do Urubu park, but still without participating more intensely with the rest of the team;

Embezzlement: Sampaoli still struggled with some missteps in daily training at Ninho do Urubu. Mateusinho, Varela, Felipe Luis, Arascaita and Bruno Henrique did not participate in technical and tactical actions with the rest of the squad, due to their injuries or recovery;

Apply Tactics to Reservations: Sampaoli could not count on the starting players who started the match against Maringa, but the reserves went to the field in Ninho and took orders from the Argentine coach. Jorge applied some extra ‘doses’ of tactics to the team, but without too much intensity, waiting for the main names of the team.

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The classics between Flamengo and Botafogo will take place at 4 pm (Brasilian time) next Sunday (30), in Maracanã, for the third round of the Brazilian League. Until then, Jorge Sampaoli still managed the day-to-day activities of the team to improve the technical, tactical and physical aspects of the players.

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