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“Guide me to the right number”

“Guide me to the right number”


Elimination hasn’t happened yet and the singer says she’s already considering the next leader audition, but admits the strategy hasn’t worked to beat driving home.

BBB 23: Marvvila reveals tactic to win Bate-Volta: “Guide me” Image: Reproduction Gshow.

Marvella has had a lucky streak at BBB 23 (TV Globo) when it comes to escaping Paredão. It’s not that the sister managed to “hide” in the game so much as to avoid being the target of the house sounds. The singer is even in the sight of inmates who, inside the confession, expose wanting to kill the sister in the limelight. But she always wins Bate-Volta competitions.

In a conversation with Riccardo in the outdoor area, on Monday afternoon (27), the singer said that she is already considering the next captain test: “It’s very important for us to take it. Anyone from there, if they win the prologue, they put me straight. Even more so because the guys don’t want to see me do the Bate-Volta, no”comments the singer. “And I tell you: I think I would win the Bate Volta if I participated.”and adds.

BBB 23: Marvvila reveals tactic to win Bate-Volta: “Guide me” Image: Reproduction Gshow.

“I don’t doubt”Richard answers. “Because I looked at the numbers I’m going to put”Marvella says and the biologist asks: “Brother, how do you choose numbers? I have to learn this.”He said. “It only works in Bate-Volta, because in Prova do Líder it never works. I look and let my vision focus on a number and I stay fixed on that number… I ask God first: ‘If it is meant to be, guide on the right number. Then I stopped at the number and said in my head: “That’s it, that’s it.” But, on tests, it was like this.Marvella replies.

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She continues: “in [prova] Yesterday, I saw that I would get the first two right and I would get the third wrong, but I would have won the second number, because Amanda got it wrong several times until she found the number. I would have won. You’ll be the fourth Pat Volta, then it’s going to be crazy.”. The singer has already won the Prova Bate-Volta award three times in a row and has become the record holder of the reality show. In the last test, Amanda did not participate, and Amanda won the dispute.

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