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Riot's light punishment for the homophobic streamer erupts in the community

Riot’s light punishment for the homophobic streamer erupts in the community

On Wednesday evening (29), Riot Games finally talked about case of homophobia occurred during life League of Legends From the PazPeaceful streamer, which happened on Tuesday (28). The player, whose real name is Matthews Paz, offended his opponent, Gabriel “Minerva”, in several homophobic terms when he felt he was losing the match.

The company commented in a brief statement that it does not tolerate any biased behavior and said it will take action. As a result, PazPeaceful was banned from MOBA for only 14 days.

Riot Games’ decision did not satisfy a large section of the community, which resented the light punishment that was applied to the streaming device.

It’s not new for many users to complain about Riot Games’ decisions to address issues of racism, sexism, and homophobia within the game.

Remember that according to League of Legends rules, the same penalty can simply be applied to players who experience constant idle moments during matches.

So far, Twitch – PazPeaceful’s current platform – has not commented.

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