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Rich Sheet · TV news

Solange Gomez Lost streak during the party on Friday (3) in farm 13. Annoyed by former Banheira do Gugu Marina Ferrari The woman from Alagoas was accused of wanting to appear after saving herself from the countryside. “Go to the bitch who slept with you, you rich shit,” he shot the crossbar.

Confusion started while Rico Melquiades He was trying to reconcile with Solange. Maylady Mihaly Closer to complain about a Comment made by the model About his old relationship with Wesley Daredevil.

“He’s not talking about my son’s father, I’ve never talked about the bathtub [do Gugu]That’s all I ask of you, you can tell me all about me, but don’t talk about my son,” asked the girl from Ciara. You only said that because you said you wouldn’t quarrel 20,000 BRL,” Solange replied.

Marina arrived at the scene and tried to defend Maylaid, but Solange asked the woman from Alagoas not to interfere with the story. The influencer replied, “I can enter as much as I want.” “He’s back from the countryside and he thinks he can talk. He’s back from the countryside and he wants to be in the game,” shouted Luisa Ambiel’s opponent.

Marina replied: “You just fight and sleep.” “And you rich plant, go to the filthy girl, go to the bitch who fucks you, damn, damn, rich as shit!” cried Solange.

Alain Mineiro had to prevent the fight from continuing and asked the girl from Alagoas to leave in order to avoid further problems.

Check out excerpts from the fight:

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